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About Us

It is fair to say that I was born with horses on my mind. My grandmother and mother are just as horse crazy as I am. This even lead to my first word being “horsie”, and me taking my first steps on a horse stud farm. From that moment on, my fate was sealed. I was destined to be around horses. From when I started riding at the age of three, through the pony stage, to getting my first junior horse and then moving into the adult classes, it has all lead up to this, Onyx Equestrian. The idea for Onyx Equestrian came about in 2018. I wanted it to represent what I believe our beloved sport is all about, hence our slogan, “passion, determination and courage”. The onyx stone is a representation of determination and in order to be a successful rider, one has to be determined in all aspects of ones riding. It is easy to see how much passion people have for this sport through the time and effort they put in, and as we all know it take immense courage to get back on that horse that has just thrown you off. This brand aims to show all these aspects through our clothing. We are an equestrian apparel and clothing business. We want you to look your best so that you can show off your passion, determination and courage to the rest of the world. We strive to achieve high quality clothing at all times while still remaining affordable. Style and fashion are ways to show who you are without having to say anything. My goal is that Onyx Equestrian will give every individual the freedom to express themselves through what they wear. Have passion, be determined and have courage. – Chrissie Pike, South Africa (Owner and Founder)

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