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Sam Foley

Sam Foley is an international Grand Prix dressage rider that has successfully competed up the grades in South Africa and spent time in Europe training and competing with her horse Lukas 911. She follows the more classical way of dressage and believes in the German scale of training.

She was in the Gauteng team for DSA challenge in 2014, the Gauteng open team in 2015, the Gauteng team for DSA challenge in 2016, the JHB open dressage team in 2017 and 2018 before heading to Europe in 2019, returning back to home ground at the beginning of 2020. We welcome Sam to our team at Onyx and look forward to her representing our brand at her upcoming shows!

Imogen Hilterman

Imogen Hiltermann is a 20 years old South African Show Jumper from Johennesburg.  She started riding at Sun Valley Stables at the age of 4, and at 13 years old she moved to Burlington Stables and she has trained under Anne-Marie Esslinger ever since. Imogen has got three wonderful horses, Uhlane du Hans (who has now retired at Burlington), Alberich 10, and Callaho Carlsberg. 

Alberich is 9 year old Hanoverian. He is full of spunk and absolutely loves his job! She has just moved up to the 1.35m on him. Her goal with him is to be successful at these heights and eventually make our way up to the 1.40m and possibly the 1.50m classes. 

Carlsberg is a 6 year old South African Warmblood, and he has just moved up to the 1.10m. He is the first young horse Imogen have owned, and her goal with him is to produce him up the grades. He finds his job effortless, so I have no doubt in my mind he’ll be able to jump some big jumps one day! 

Jessica Hall

Jess Hall lives in Knysna and competes in 1.20 SJ, open equitation and open working Hunter with her two Pohlands horses, What-A-Game and Macchiato. She started riding competitively 3 years ago and Her love for the sport grew. "I am so grateful for my 2 horses and the opportunities they have given me aswell as all the support I have received from my trainers and parents. Onyx has always been my favorite brand from the moment they released their first collection. I am so so honored to be representing a brand with such style and so many different designs. Very excited for the year ahead as I start my Adult career with Onyx" - Jess Hall

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