Cinzia Pasteris

Cinzia is a young South African showjumper who has been competing since age 7. She has competed in all disciplines but specializes specifically in showjumping and equitation. Cinzia is now competing on her horse KP Vagabond Z.

She has been a top child, junior and adult rider winning many titles, some including the South African children, junior and Young-rider  championships, Children and Junior derby, and Nissan World Cup Qualifier in 2016.

Cinzia has also received her South African colors for showjumping as a child rider and has competed overseas on several occasions.  

Working and training horses is Cinzia's number one passion. She thoroughly enjoys producing young horses and focusing on growing the equestrian sport as a whole.

We are so lucky to have her as an Onyx Ambassador we we are so proud of all of her achievements. 

"There is no royal road to anything. One thing at a time and all thing in succession."

Cath Macfarlane

Cath Macfarlane is an open show rider and an open showjumper. She has been riding since she was 5 years old. As a child, junior and young rider, Cath competed in all disciplines- showing, equitation, dressage and showjumping. She has won a lot of titles across the disciplines with super horses which have sadly passed on (Waterside Blue Nile, Kondos Costaras, Brandenburg Super C, Brandenburg Lolita, Bayethe, and Global Quest (Retired)). 

Cath currently owns a showjumping yard with Oscar Ncube based in Kyalami, JHB - Called LinRowe Stables where she teaches flatwork and dressage. She is currently competing many horses in the open grades and producing youngsters off the track. "I really enjoy the production of my own horses as it’s much more rewarding long-term. It teaches me so much more about each animal because they’re all so different. They teach me so much about myself because they show what I’m weaker and stronger at! I firmly believe in team work as that’s what makes the dream work. I am super excited to be part of the Onyx Equestrian team!" - Cath Macfarlane

Oscar Ncube

Oscar Ncube being a super professional Coach, Trainer, Horseman as well as being a top Showjumper himself! Him & Cath both own LinRowe Stables / LinRowe Showjumping team in the heart of Kyalami and compete all year round across various parts of the country!

Oscar has competed at ALL levels including representing SA in the Aachen Games, jumped himself into places in the 1.60 World Cups, Grand Prixs and even the famous crowd loving SA Derby! Also won a few sky touching 6Bars!

“I love teaching those who want to learn, I have gained so much knowledge in my years with horses and my own amazing coaches, that the knowledge I have gained is what I want to pass on to others! I want to see the smiles, the achievements, the happiness because horses bring people together, they bring families together. I want to teach the world so much more, but only those who want to learn, will take it to the next level. I want to teach from poles on the ground to having my students becoming my rivals and beating me, that whats makes me happy. Because anyone is capable, and I believe that 100%.”

Sam Foley

Sam Foley is an international Grand Prix dressage rider that has successfully competed up the grades in South Africa and spent time in Europe training and competing with her horse Lukas 911. She follows the more classical way of dressage and believes in the German scale of training.

She was in the Gauteng team for DSA challenge in 2014, the Gauteng open team in 2015, the Gauteng team for DSA challenge in 2016, the JHB open dressage team in 2017 and 2018 before heading to Europe in 2019, returning back to home ground at the beginning of 2020. We welcome Sam to our team at Onyx and look forward to her representing our brand at her upcoming shows!